Can Openers

Can openers

Can openers are essential to any kitchen no matter the size. Whether it is in the food service industry or in the household they come in handy for any cook. But it depends on a person`s needs and desires as to which kind to choose.

The can opener was patented in 1858 by Ezra Warner. Originally it was very large in design to open large, steel cans. It took many years and many patents for this product to sit on our countertops. Whether we have the old-fashioned manual can opener or the new cordless can opener every household owns one.

The electric can opener is probably the most popular version of can openers in restaurants and at home. In the restaurants, they are essential to help expedite service for the customers. In households, they are helpful to the cook who has little time to spare or the person who has arthritic hands.

Depending on your needs or desires there are a range of options. And the electric ones come in various forms as well. There are ones that you can install below your cabinets and the cordless ones that can easily be placed in drawers. No matter which type you choose, your hands will thank you for it.

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